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Albanna Engineering (ABE) is a leading EPC & Maintenance Contractor in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power industries. In addition to the contractor profile ABE provides Associated Design, Civil Works and Electrical & Instrumentation works.

Established in the year 1984, Albanna Engineering (ABE) has rapidly developed and shaped itself as an EPC contractor in the United Arab Emirates.


Ongoing Projects

Project Name : Misecellaneous Civil, Mechanical and E&I Works Under Package 1B at EIL Jebel Ali Terminal.

EPPCO International Ltd. (EIL) owns and operates Petroleum Storage Terminals 1, 2 and 4 at Jebel Ali. The terminals caters to the storage and distribution of petroleum products. The EIL terminals at Jebel Ali are located inside JAFZ (Jebel Ali Free Zone). The proposed works are to be executed at EIL Terminal 1. EIL proposes to carry out miscellaneous Civil & Structural, Mechanical and E&I work to improve the working conditions at the existing facilities.

The scope of works includes:

Removal of existing Additive Injection Skids and supply of new additive injection skids (2 Nos) for injecting Blue Dye to ULG 98 in Tank TK-116 and Green dye to ULG 95 in Tanks TK-115 and TK-119 with necessary connected piping, structural and E&I works.

Supply, Fabrication, erection of elevated walkways (approx. 340 RM and 2.5m high from ground level) with necessary local platforms and access to valve operating platforms within the tank farm 1 area in order to avoid the crossing over of the piping (which is at ground level) within the tank farm area during maintenance and inspection.

Providing access by means of interlocking pavement for frequently operating facilities like fast flush facility, stripping pump, pump house, Jet A1 pump house etc.

Entire tank farm 1 area’s existing loose layers of sand will be removed by manual excavation (200m depth) and filled with new sand to match existing topo level. On top of the new sand, gravel shall be laid for 75mm thickness throughout the tank farm 1 area.

Supply and erect cable trays on the raised walkways for running future electrical and instrumentation/control cables.

Updation of P&IDs, PFDs and piping plans of Terminals 1,2 and 4 for EIL’s HAZOP study.


Project Name : EPC Contract for the OT2 Phase II Topside Facilities- Port Of Fujairah

Port of Fujairah intends to provide state of the art facilities at its Oil Tanker Terminal (OTT) for its users to transfer petroleum products from their respective terminals to ship vessels or vice versa. In view of this, POF is adding Berth 08 & Berth 09 Topside Facilities and Northern Matrix Manifold 2 (MM2) Topside Facilities to the terminal in addition to its existing terminal facilities which includes Berth 01 to Berth 07 and the Matrix Manifold 1 (MM1).

The works under the scope of this project comprises the Berth 08 and Berth 09 and Matrix Manifold 2 (MM2) Topside Facilities. This terminal shall be capable to load/unload small bunker barges to large oil vessel carriers (up to 180,000 DWT) handling a range of petroleum products including Fuel Oils, Crude Oils, Jet Fuels, Gas Oil, Naphtha’s, MTBE, Ethanol and Cutter Stock. The operations intended in this terminal include the following:

Ship to Shore Transfer.
Shore to Ship Transfer. 
Ship to Ship Transfer. 
Shore to Shore Transfer. 
Pigging of Dock lines. 
Stripping of Manifold Piping.

The scope of works includes related:

Civil, MEP and Structural Works.
Mechanical Works.
Piping Works.
Electrical and Instrumentation Works.
Fire Fighting & Protection and Alarm System works. 

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Albanna Engineering was started in line with the developmental needs of the country during the early 80’s. After undergoing a strategic restructu...

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